Hi there,

In my 6 years adventure to create masterpieces of innovation, I have encountered a rapid shift of technology and was able to learn a lot of things, from developing WINDOWS applications, WEB applications, native MOBILE application and even High bread Mobile application via PhoneGap.

I was able to learn a couple of languages on the road including .NET C# and VB Application, HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, Ruby, and Java. And what are these languages without data right? So I was also engaged in using MSSQL, MySQL, and Oracle.

To improve historical records for code updates I was engaged in Git, Github, Bitbucket, and SVN just so we can keep track of version for implementation, debugging and deployment. In addition I was also engaged in using SourceTree and TortoiseSVN to have a better view of this repositories. This was really helpful especially for big teams that uses the same source code with multiple developers and for deployment with multiple environment. Moreover, I was also engaged using Smoothtime, Redbooth, Asana, Trello and Jira for tickets for team collaboration.

To make things better and a lot faster I was also able to learn and handle MVCs and some Frameworks mainly Rails and CodeIgniter, I learned Queue, WCF Services and API Services. Another thing I learned on my venture is the Lean Startup really useful in creating products.

And to add to the journey I was able to encounter Social media and it’s great benefits, thus integration to this platforms was evident. I was able to integrate a lot of platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a lot more but I saw ONEALL and JANRAIN and was able to integration it all. Thank you technology. Oh who can forget payment gateways, I was also engaged with this mainly PAYPAL integration.

I was also able to meet and work with people and they are so AWESOME I did not even saw time pass by. I owe all this to them and our best friend Google with the especial mansion of the PRIME CREATOR to whom every CREATIVITY comes from.

Keep in touch, checkout my website at JOSHUAADELA.COM